Vibration White Finger

Vibration White Finger : Claiming Compensation

Vibration white finger is a condition which affects workers that regularly use vibatory, rotating or percussive hand guided power tools. Long term exposure to such vibration can damage the fingers, hands and arms causing impaired blood circulation, damage to nerve supply and muscoskeletal damage.

Miners, road diggers and other construction workers are often affected by vibration white finger, together with those using industrial sewing machines, grinders, floor polishers and foundry workers including fettlers and grinders using chipping hammers and portable or fixed grinding machines. Vibration white finger is found in occupations as diverse as speedboat operators and tree surgeons as well as the more obvious miners and road repair contractors and other occupations with high risk include bricklayers and masons, gardeners and grounds men, carpenters and joiners, electricians and electrical maintenance fitters, and builders and building contractors.

Symptoms of vibration white finger
The symptoms of vibration white finger include tingling sensation and numbness or whiteness of parts of the fingers which can become worse in cold weather. The fingers may lose their normal sense of touch and the affected fingers may become painful, red and throbbing when the circulation returns. More severe symptoms of vibration white finger include severe loss of grip strength and reduced dexerity. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and have had regular exposure to vibratory tools after 1975 you may have a claim.

The effects of vibration white finger are not only physical and psychological but can also be financial. We aim to ensure you receive the compensation that you are legally entitled to without adding any further stress or worry. Our solicitors are experts in vibration white finger claims and have a high success rate in claims handled through the UK.

Vibration white finger compensation awards
There have been a number of successful, high value, compensation claims for vibration white finger made against UK employers.

These include:

  £124,000 to seven British Coal miners. The individual sums ranged from £5,000 to £41,000
  £143,000 to a British Gas fitter as an individual award out of a
total award of £430,000 to 6 gas fitters
  £1.2 million in an out of court settlement to eight former
employees of North West Water
  £200,000 to a tree surgeon employed by Liverpool City Council
  Claims from 40,000 British Coal miners with a forecast of
£500 million

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