Is our service really no win, no fee?

As consumers we know too well that there's usually a twist or a condition to most offers. You may also know from experience that solicitors don't come cheap. And it's the ones that are at the top of their field that command the biggest fees.

We ensure that all our customers get the very best legal representation to help them make their accident compensation claim. That means the leading personal injury solicitor specialising in the particular type of accident or injury you have suffered.

If your compensation claim is not successful, your solicitor will write his fees off - this is literally what 'no win no fee' means. In other words, if you don't win, you don't pay your solicitor's fees. Whilst this means that our solicitors may lose money on some claims, these cases are thankfully in the minority.

If your claim for compensation is successful, the law allows you to recover your legal fees from your opponent's insurance company, in addition to the compensation you are awarded. In effect this means that your opponent will pay for your legal fees.

Although there are no upfront fees, if your claim is successful your solicitor will be entitled to a ‘success fee’, which is a percentage of any compensation you are awarded. This fee will be deducted from your compensation award before the balance is paid to you.

We advise clients to take out legal expense insurance to protect them from additional costs not specified above. Our legal team will discuss this with you at the start of the process and will continue to support you every step of the way until the conclusion of your claim.

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