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Woman makes compensation claim after miscarriage

A US woman is making a product liability compensation claim after accusing a pharmaceutical company of causing her to have a miscarriage.

The Missouri lady has filed a complaint in a federal court in St Louis alleging that a prescription muddle meant she was given chemotherapy drugs instead of pre-natal vitamins. The two drugs have a similar brand name but would have very different effects on the body, with the chemotherapy drug used to stop the growth and reproduction of cells.

The woman claims she took the drug for a month, believing it to be a pre-natal vitamin that was designed to give her body an extra boost during her pregnancy.

Hearing rumours of the impending compensation claim for alleged medical negligence, a spokesman for the pharmacy said: "We have not seen the complaint."

He also told reporters how a mistake involving a drug muddle was highly unlikely as all prescriptions were checked several times to reduce the risk of human error.

It is not yet known when the product liability compensation claim is likely hit the courts.



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