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Asbestos claim continues in the courts

A grandmother who made an asbestos claim following the death of her husband has been told she may not be awarded the estimated six-figure sum she thought she would receive.

The 67-year-old women sought professional help from a team of personal injury solicitors following the death of her husband, a former lorry driver who was exposed to asbestos.

Following his death in 2002, the insurance firm who insured the lorry drivers company said they were likely to award the widow with a possible six-figure payout. Unfortunately, they have since changed their mind stating that the asbestos claim was not made within the statutory three-year period after her husband's death.

The grandmother from North Walsham, Norfolk, said: "It's a disgusting way for them to behave. You cannot put a price on a person's life and my husband is not here anymore due to asbestos.

"It was not his fault he got the disease. He did not even get the chance to retire. I miss him terribly and I'm on my own, and nothing can replace that."

The lady is currently awaiting a court hearing to discover the outcome of her asbestos claim.



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