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Widow awarded accident compensation for husband's death

A woman whose husband died when carrying out a diving exercise has been awarded 750,000 in accident compensation.

Scottish Royal Navy Lieutenant, Paul McAulay, 27, of Clackmannan, was carrying out a "breath-hold" exercise at the Defence Diving School at Hornsea Island near Portsmouth when the fatal accident happened.

The London High Court heard that Mr McAulay died in 2002, just months before the birth of his daughter, after vomiting metres below the waters surface while collecting an object from a lake sea bed.

It was his third diving experience and although safety guidelines recommend that nobody should take part in a dive two hours following a meal, Mr McAulay carried out the exercise 20 minutes after eating with fellow students.

His brother, Greg McAulay, 28, said, "Paul was so excited when he told us his news that Laura was expecting a child and couldn't wait to be a dad"

He believes the injury compensation, which has been paid by the Ministry of Defence should help prevent fatal accidents in the future.

He said, "Now that a judge has ordered compensation to be paid, all any of us can hope is that nothing else like this can be allowed to happened again."

Mr Justice David Clarke awarded Laura McAulay 750,000 in accident compensation and her three-year-old daughter 112,500.


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