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Whiplash strikes woman for the third time

The Accident Compensation People, the road accident claim experts, have heard reports of a woman who has suffered whiplash on an incredible three different occasions.

Jane Walters from Gloucester has been in a car accident resulting in a whiplash personal injury three times.

Contrary to popular reports that whiplash vanishes quickly, Jane says that her most recent accident gave her whiplash and pain for a year and a half. She ended up going to a specialised pain management clinic seeking relief.

Repetitive road traffic accidents compounded the problem and she started experiencing pain regularly shooting up her arm. Despite the fact that the last vehicle accident was two and half years ago, she is still having problems.

Jane had regular physiotherapy sessions for six months and started taking pain killers for her last whiplash injury. Work hours were restricted as the pain in her arm and hand made it difficult for her to continue working after her lunch hour.

She said, "I would try to work for as long as I could but would often only make it to lunch time and then have to go home - I would also have to ask colleagues to help with things like lifting heavy objects."

Her symptoms prove that not all whiplash personal injuries last for as short a time as people say. Jane now even finds simple tasks that she carries out at home difficult, like gardening and washing her hair.

She feels that she was lucky to pursue accident compensation and to make a whiplash claim, as her most recent treatment would otherwise have cost her 2,000.


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