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Bikini wax ends in agony

Beauty salons are being warned to protect themselves from the risk of being on the receiving end of personal injury compensation claims after a woman was rushed to hospital following a bikini wax.

The Australian woman, who had opted for a Brazilian style wax, sought medical attention after experiencing a high fever, enormous pain and swollen genitalia. Upon further examination, doctors also discovered she was suffering from herpes.

The woman's poor immune system caused by her diabetes partly contributed to her horrific reaction to the waxing, but the possibility of unclean equipment at the beauty salon was also thought to be a cause of her condition.

Medical experts are now encouraging all UK salon owners to protect their customers from personal injury and ensure that they are not liable to be on the receiving end of no win, no fee compensation claims.

Experts also advised those wishing to be waxed to make sure they only use reputable beauty parlours where staff wear gloves and wash their hands properly between clients.

Nail salons are thought to be at particular risk of being subjected to personal injury compensation claims as studies have shown that they are liable to spread hepatitis if their equipment is not suitably sterilised.



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