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Council worker dressed as tomato suffers back injury

The Lord Mayor of Belfast has said sorry after leaving a council worker with serious back injuries during a photoshoot.

The mayor was attempting to leapfrog over the woman - who was dressed as a giant tomato - during the launch of a gardening event at the city's Botanic Gardens. But the stunt went horribly wrong and the lady suffered a slipped disc when her boss' knee caught her on the head.

Talking to the media about the bizarre work accident, the mayor said, "I have been absolutely devastated over what has happened.

"I just caught the top of her head and unfortunately I injured her. I'm very fit and look after myself, but it was just one of those unfortunate things."

The mayor, an Ulster Unionist councillor, also said, "I have kept in regular contact with her and my thoughts and prayers are with her. I just hope now that she makes a speedy and full recovery."

It is not known if the injured woman is planning to make a personal injury compensation claim for the back injury suffered during the strange accident at work.



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