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Accident compensation claim made for fatal accident

A teenager who suffered post-traumatic stress after he tried to save the lives of two drowning boys on an army exercise has made an accident compensation claim against the Ministry of Defence.

Michael Roche, 16, of Bray, Ireland, claims that his football career was cut short following the fatal accident during a training exercise in Aldershot in 2000.

Mr Roche went to the aid of two team members that had got into difficulties whilst crossing a pond. He managed to save the life of one but tragically the other boy drowned and now the Irish teenager is making an injury claim against the Ministry of Defence for post-traumatic stress.

His counsel told London's High Court, "It was an exercise under the control of a serving member of the Army and involved a group passing a pond infested with weeds. Sadly, a number of group members got into difficulties.

Mr Roche saw this and went over to the pair, struggled to release the submerged boy and brought him to the side where he was revived.

"Sadly, the other boy, who was still in the water drowned, and arising to those events, it is not disputed that he suffered injury in that he developed post traumatic stress disorder."

The MoD has argued Mr Roche's claim and said that he was not entitled to personal injury compensation for losing the opportunity to start a football career.

The trial for Mr Roche's accident compensation claim continues.


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