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Spinal injury warning for skiers and boarders

Adrenalin junkies heading for the ski slopes this season are being warned to take extra care amid concerns that head injuries and spinal cord injuries are on the rise.

Researchers from Canada have made the plea after a recent study examining skiing and snowboarding accidents around the world revealed that instances of these injuries increased considerably between 1990 and 2004.

Young males were found to be the most prone to be left with spinal cord damage and head wounds and researchers blamed this on an increasing likelihood to take risks while on the slopes. Off-piste skiing and boarding, as well as attempts to "catch air", often end in disaster and so thousands find their holidays cut short by injury.

A member of the research team had the following advice for anybody thinking of jetting off for a skiing or boarding trip: "Even those highly skilled can lose control and, therefore, every skier and boarder, no matter at what level of skill or age, should wear a helmet."

Snow enthusiasts who have suffered head injuries and spinal cord injuries through someone else's negligence on the slopes should consult a personal injury solicitor to investigate the possibility of making a no win no, fee compensation claim.



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