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Prisoner payouts cause controversy

The Government has been criticised by the media after recent Home Office statistics revealed that accident claims totalling almost 9 million have been paid out to prisoners in the past 12 months.

It has been claimed that some prisoners and their personal injury solicitors have been intentionally looking to exploit human rights laws in order to pursue compensation claims.

Among the successful accident claims that have come under scrutiny are the award of 2.8 million that was made to an inmate who suffered serious personal injuries when a suicide bid went wrong, as well as a total of 750,000 that was granted to nearly 200 drug-addicted prisoners who were forced to suffer withdrawal symptoms when they were refused narcotics.

Talking to the media about the issue of prisoners making accident claims, Shadow Home Secretary David Davis said, "The Government should take grip of this issue and either save the taxpayers' money, or at least invest it in something to improve our law and order, instead of rewarding prisoners."


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