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Widow sues over asbestos legacy

The Gloucestershire widow of a man who died from the asbestos-related cancer mesothelioma has contacted personal injury solicitors in order to make a compensation claim against one of the carpentry firms her husband used to work for.

It is reported that the fortunes of the compensation claim will hinge on the period 1953-1963 when the now deceased man was an apprentice carpenter with a Midlands-based firm.

Tragically, the man's death from mesothelioma happened only a few months into the beginning of his retirement.

The widow told the Workplace Law Gazette, "My husband was a fit man who had his life cut short because he was exposed years ago to asbestos. "We had just bought a camper van before he was diagnosed and hoped to spend our retirement travelling all over the country. "Now, not only has his life been cut short but so has mine. We were so close and I badly miss him each day."

The asbestos compensation claim will be made against the insurers of the deceased man's former employers, as the firm itself has now gone out of business.



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