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Man fined for back seat shenanigans

A man has been fined after the police were called to the scene of a bizarre car accident, various US news agencies have reported.

Initially, nothing seemed out of the ordinary as law enforcement officers turned up to sort out the mess caused by a collision between a Chevrolet and a telegraph pole. But a quick chat to the driver of the car revealed just why the road accident had occurred - two passengers in the back had apparently been, um, er, making love.

That's right, whilst their faithful driver had been cruising the streets of Moscow, Idaho, the couple had been getting rather intimately involved on the back seat. It's no surprise really that the driver wasn't watching the road properly and crashed his car.

In fact, he insisted it wasn't his peering in the rear view mirror that caused the smash but rather the fact that his top heavy SUV had become even more unstable due to what was happening on the back seat.

And so, unable to control his vehicle, the whole incident ended with rather a premature bang.

The 22-year-old driver suffered minor head injuries in the car accident and his two passengers - who were unlikely to be wearing seatbelts at the time of the crash - were also left with personal injuries.

Appearing in court charged with failing to notify a police officer of a road traffic accident, he was fined $188 and told to drive more carefully in future. It is unknown if his passengers are planning to make car accident compensation claims for the personal injuries they sustained.



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