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Go-karting trip ends in burns Sheffield man

A man who suffered burn injuries whilst go-karting has been awarded personal injury compensation.

The 26-year-old was visiting an indoor karting track near Doncaster with a group of friends when the heat of his kart's engine resulted in burns to his back. Discovering that there was inadequate protection to stifle the heat of the engine, he decided to contact personal injury solicitors in order to make a compensation claim against the track operators.

Justifying his accident claim, the man said, "I noticed that my back felt hot while I was riding the kart but it wasn't until I finished the race and lifted up my top that I realised just how bad it was.

"The wound has now healed but I have been left with a scar as a result. It is not the kind of memory I expected from my day at the track."

Speaking after the Sheffield man was awarded £1,500 in injury compensation, his personal injury solicitor said, "I am pleased that we obtained a successful outcome to this claim as all companies need to ensure they have regard for customer's safety while visiting their premises."


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