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Compensation for flower fall man

A commuter who slipped and injured himself on flower petals inside London's Marylebone Station has won personal injury compensation after making an accident claim for damages.

The 50-year-old Essex gentleman was hurt when he slipped on a crushed yellow flower outside a florist shop on the station concourse in March 2003. Landing heavily on his hand, he also suffered a knee injury and was forced to seek medical attention.

The man made the personal compensation claim against the owners of the flower shop and a judge at the High Court ruled in his favour, declaring that the presence of petals on the beige floor presented a foreseeable hazard of a member of the public slipping over.

The florist claimed that a 'clean as you go' system was in operation but the judge presiding over the case said, "The petal had been on the ground longer than it would have been if an effective system had been in place and that therefore the accident was caused by that breach of duty."

The exact amount of personal injury compensation to be awarded will be decided this week.


accident claim, personal injury compensation


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accident claim, personal injury compensation
accident claim, personal injury compensation
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