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Compensation scam sees man breaks girlfriend's leg

A couple from Devon are facing criminal charges after attempting to make a bogus personal injury compensation claim.

The couple contacted no win, no fee solicitors to make an accident claim after alleging that a wall collapsed and left the woman with a broken leg.

Further investigation, however, discovered that no collapsing wall was involved and instead the woman had agreed to let her boyfriend break her leg intentionally.

How he carried out the sickening act has not been revealed but police officers have allegedly discovered video footage of the incident occurring.

The man has pleaded guilty to causing GBH at Plymouth Crown Court and will be sentenced when psychiatric reports have been compiled.

Commenting on the personal injury scam, a Plymouth City Council spokesperson said: "We fully investigate every claim we receive, following up any inconsistencies in the evidence we gather, and anyone found to be attempting a fraudulent or inflated claim will be prosecuted. We will also pursue anyone else involved in an attempted fraud, such as a false witness.

"Making a fraudulent insurance claim is a criminal offence and every fraudulent claim met from the Council's funds means less money going into vital services for local residents."


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