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Parents sue over drawing pin incident

Two parents from the United States are making a personal injury compensation claim against a nursery after their three-year-old son was allegedly poked with drawing pins by a teacher.

The Dallas couple claim their child, and others at the day care centre, were regularly stabbed on the shoulders and back by the sharp pins as a means of discipline.

They say they initially thought the marks on their little boy were simply the result of 'rough play' but were alerted to what was allegedly actually happening when a former employee of the nursery school rang to reveal the truth.

The ex-worker said a teacher threatened to use drawing pins on the children to control their behaviour and on some occasions actually went on to stab the youngsters. The personal injury compensation claim also alleges that the children were taken into cupboards and smacked.

The mother of the boy allegedly stabbed with the drawing pins has spoken to journalists and said, "We were shocked and devastated.

"Since he's so young, hopefully this will be something that comes to pass. But right now, it's still with him."

They have now employed the services of a personal injury solicitor to help them pursue their compensation claim but a date has not yet been set for a court hearing.



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