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Nightclub to curb compensation bill

Luminar, the UK's biggest chain of nightclubs, is expected to save around £200,000 a year on no win, no fee claims for personal injury compensation after announcing the planned introduction of polycarbonate glasses to all of its nightclubs around the country.

The no win, no fee claims saving is expected to be made as, every year, a number of its customers remove their shoes and step on broken glass while on nightclub premises.

Company supremo Steve Thomas said, "The introduction of polycarbonates is cost-neutral: polycarbonate costs a bit more than glass, but lasts longer.

"We had polycarbonates imposed upon us by a couple of local authorities then we looked into the issue further and decided they're not bad.

"If a premises has a potential for problems, why wouldn't it introduce polycarbonates?"
Industry insiders have predicted that many nightclubs may follow Luminar's lead and, with the hope of reducing the no win, no fee claims bill, switch from regular glass to polycarbonate.



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