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Steel worker makes successful compensation claim

A steel plant worker who suffered 43% burns after a blast furnace exploded has been awarded an undisclosed six-figure sum in injury compensation.

Peter Clement, 54, from Gorseinon, Swansea, contacted personal injury solicitors and made a compensation claim for the severe burn injuries he sustained in an accident at work in December 2001.

He was working at the Port Talbot Steelworks when a blast furnace exploded, pumping out 200 tonnes of steel slag and hot gasses, killing three of Mr Clement's colleagues.

Mr Clement said, "I was standing on the cast house floor about 10 metres away from the furnace itself when I heard an almighty explosion.

"At the moment you sort of hear the bang I could feel myself being lifted up off the floor and flying through the air in a ball of flames."

Since the accident at work occurred, Mr Clement has been treated for serious personal injuries including burns, septicaemia, renal failure, liver problems and psychiatric injuries.

At the High Court, Mr Clement's former employer, Corus, was ordered to pay a six-figure sum for his compensation claim.

A spokesperson for Corus said, "Our thoughts continue to be with the families who lost their loved ones and those who were so tragically affected by the accident."


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