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Prison for father who poisoned his own children

A man in the USA has been sentenced to five years in a federal prison for communicating false charges. The 41-year-old man made a false compensation claim against the Campbell Soup Company, after he telephoned them and threatened to sue because the soup was 'contaminated'.

It was found that the man had twice tried to falsify a product liability compensation claim. In his initial attempt, in January 2006, he laced the soup of his two toddler children with hot peppers and lighter fluid. A few weeks later he again tried lacing their soup, but this time with a cocktail of Prozac and other anti-depressants, in the hope of proving personal injury.

The man's wife filed for divorce two months after he'd made the false compensation claims. In sentencing him, the judge ordered that he have no further contact with either his ex-wife or his two children.


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