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Man compensated after contacting personal injury solicitor

A man who was unable to celebrate Christmas with his family because he fell in a car park has been awarded 13,750 in an out-of-court settlement.

Ralph Perry, of Donnington, Sheffield, contacted a personal injury claim solicitor after dislocating his elbow in a fall outside Little Mester public house in Anston.

Mr Perry was out with friends just a few days before Christmas when he tripped on an ornamental chain in the pub's car park in 2002.

He was taken to Bassetlaw Hospital where doctors X-rayed his arm and gave him a sling.

Mr Perry said, "That night I was in incredible pain, hardly slept, and the following morning returned to hospital, as my arm had swollen up.

"I was admitted straight away with a dislocated elbow and suspected compartment syndrome, involving badly bruised muscles."

Mr Perry had to take five months off from working as a haulier and said he was unable to play with his children at Christmas or help his wife with the household chores.

He decided to make a compensation claim after sustaining the personal injury in the fall and contacted a personal injury claim solicitor.

Solicitor Katrina Elsey said, "This case highlights the importance of health and safety checks around public premises to ensure this kind of mishap, and worse, is avoided."

Mr Perry was awarded 13,750 damages for his accident claim in an out-of-court settlement with the Little Mester public house.


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