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Fear of personal injury claims removes sauce from ice creams

Recent stories in the Daily Express regarding a UK gourmet ice cream company's attempts to avoid potential product liability claims by not putting toppings on their cornets has brought a sharp response from the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

An ice-cream spokesperson said the ban was "common sense", as "the sauce is quite liquidy and can tumble on the floor making it dangerous for customers."

However, the IOSH states firmly that the company's new policy of providing sauce in a separate tub is a response to the fear of a personal injury claim, not from obedience to a health and safety edict. The organisation's president jokes that "'Ice cream' with frustration at some of the completely ridiculous health and safety stories that keep popping up."

It is clear where the Express's sympathies lie, as it asks for more stories of product liability compensation fears driving people into "health and safety madness".


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