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Anger over MOD compensation

The mother of a soldier from Doncaster who suffered serious personal injuries while serving in Afghanistan has described his compensation claim payout as 'insulting'.

Although the soldier suffered some of the most serious personal injuries possible, including the loss of both legs and a further 37 serious personal injuries, his compensation claim payout of £152,150 is only slightly more than half the maximum amount that can be awarded.

Now his mother is threatening to take the Ministry of Defence to the High Court in order to win her son a level of compensation she feels better reflects his serious personal injuries.

The personal injury solicitor representing the 23-year-old ex-soldier commented on the compensation shortfall for his client's serious personal injuries, saying, "The current conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq are resulting in service personnel returning to the UK with horrific injuries which will need rehabilitative support and care in the long term.

"The current scheme is not flexible enough to fairly assess the cases of multiple injury such as [my client's] and with an upper limit of £285,000 the scheme does not provide sufficient funds to meet the future needs of severely injured service personnel."


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