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Glasgow damages claims reach £3 million

Council tax payers in Glasgow have forked out more than £3 million since 2000 on personal injury claims made by people involved in slip and trip accidents.

The figure came to light following a recent Freedom of Information request that revealed that, in addition to the money paid out, almost three new compensation claims are made against the city's council every working day.

The statistics include all personal injury claims made against the council by members of the public for incidents such as trips over broken pavements and falls on badly maintained roadways.

Many of the no win, no fee accident claims are for damage such as broken ankles and wrist injuries, and elderly residents of the city make up a large percentage of people suffering such injuries.

Despite the seemingly high amount of injury compensation paid out, personal injury lawyers have commented that Glasgow City Council are actually one of the more vigorous Scottish councils when it comes to fighting bids for damages.

One such personal injury lawyer said: "All the councils will defend cases strongly, but I congratulate Glasgow on being the most robust."



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