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Film carpenter's widow wins mesothelioma case

The widow of a film industry carpenter has won £210,000 in damages after her husband died from mesothelioma, a serious asbestos-related cancer. The man had worked with several film companies, and was probably exposed to the deadly fibres in several positions, but UK law is such that only one company needs to be shown to be liable for a compensation claim to succeed.

His widow spoke of how he "wanted me to fight for it after he died. I took the case on because otherwise he would have died for nothing. I have some justice now, but obviously I'd rather have him back than the money."

Although the film company that was defending the mesothelioma compensation claim had closed some years ago, the personal injury solicitors (from Pannone, a Manchester firm) was able to locate the company's insurers and claim against them.

As asbestos-related diseases (including asbestosis and asbestos-related lung cancer) often have a long incubation period, this is a common procedure that personal injury lawyers will undertake as part of a compensation claim. The number of UK mesothelioma cases is not expected to peak until 2020.

Reports state that there is still asbestos located in the grounds of Ealing studios, but that independent investigation has determined that it poses no serious threat as it is unlikely to be disturbed. The local council has investigated methods of removing it before it makes further mesothelioma cases necessary.


compensation claim, mesothelioma


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