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Damages for family of brain damaged woman

A Devon hospital has apologised profusely and offered to pay personal injury compensation after a woman was left with severe brain damage because of doctors' failure to diagnose a serious blood condition.

Medical experts initially told her she was suffering from a urinary infection when she consulted them in September 2003, but it turned out that she actually had hyponatraemia - a condition that meant her blood was dangerously short of salt.

She was given medication for the incorrectly diagnosed infection and a week later the untreated hyponatraemia led to her brain being irreversibly damaged.

Four years later, after needing 24-hour care for the whole time, she passed away.

Her family were understandably angry at the medical negligence that had occurred and so decided to appoint a personal injury lawyer to help them make a compensation claim against the hospital.

The hospital accepted liability for the woman's death and have agreed a six-figure damages sum. They also wrote a letter of apology to the woman's family, saying: "I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologise for any deficiencies in the treatment your late mother received whilst under the care of the trust."

The personal injury solicitor that represented the family is an expert in medical negligence and brain damage claims and told journalists: "I am delighted to have been able to get justice for this family who have been devastated by this tragedy."



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