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Vendetta man arrested after cycle path prank

A California man could find himself on the receiving end of costly personal injury claims after being caught digging holes in a cycle path in an attempt to hurt bikers.

The 52-year-old was arrested by police officers when it emerged that he had dug nearly 50 holes - some measuring as large as several feet wide - in a bike track at Laguna Lake Park.

Detectives were at first confused about why the man took a spade to the pathway, but it soon emerged that he was a on a self-styled mission of vengeance which began when he was accidentally run over by a mountain biker several months before.

He decided to get payback and so set about digging the holes, hoping to cause passing cyclists to fall off their bikes and suffer personal injuries. It seems that he was successful in his vendetta and several people suffered wrist, back and neck injuries when they were thrown over their handlebars.

The 52-year-old has now been released from custody and is waiting to appear in court on a charge of vandalism.

He could find that he is required to make further court appearances if those hurt by the holes decide to contact no win, no fee lawyers to make personal injury claims for compensation.



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