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Compensation claim follows Bon Jovi gig

A music fan is making a compensation claim for more than £7 million after he suffered spinal cord injuries at a Canadian rock concert.

The Edmonton man has subsequently been left paralysed by his injury and has decided to contact a personal injury lawyer to help him make a compensation claim against the venue, other fans, the gig's promoters and security staff.

His lawsuit explains how the man had been attending a Bon Jovi concert in July when a fight broke out among the crowd. One of the people involved in the fracas then fell on top of him, causing a paralysing dislocated spinal cord.

Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora was saddened to hear of the need for a compensation claim and told a journalist: "Our concerts have been notoriously safe throughout the years and our record is very, very good, so this is news to me.

"Obviously, our record fortunately in our career has been that we've gone without incident like that, so that's a real shocker to me. Oh, man, I'm really, really sorry about that."



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