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Little girl's hair braid tragedy revealed

An eight-year-old West Yorkshire girl could be in a position to consult personal injury solicitors about making a compensation claim after a trip to the hairdressers left her completely bald.

The Pontefract youngster was holidaying with her family in Rhodes when she decided she'd like to get her hair braided. Her parents paid £30 for a local stylist to carry out the makeover and the girl was delighted with her new hair-do.

But when she returned back to the UK and attempted to unbraid the hair in readiness for a school photo, her shoulder-length brown locks simply fell out.

The youngster was understandably shocked by this and the stress of the situation led to her developing alopecia, which also left her with no eyebrows or eyelashes.

One year on from having the braids done, the eight-year-old is now completely bald and is reported to have been bullied by other children.

The girl's mother told the Daily Mail: "According to the doctors, the braiding played a big part in her losing her hair. They can't say if it will ever grow back."

Earlier this year, the British Journal of Dermatology is reported to have warned that popular hairstyles such as braids and corn rows have the potential to damage hair and result in bald patches.

Despite this, the girl's family could think about discussing a potential personal injury compensation claim with a no win, no fee solicitor.


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