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Policeman assaulted by four-legged beasts

A farmer could find himself on the receiving end of a costly compensation claim after a policeman was attacked by as many as 50 cows.

The off-duty copper was walking his dog along a footpath on the South Downs when the beasts descended, surrounded him and then launched their attack.

The 50-year-old was barged to the ground by the ringleader of the herd before the rest of the cows joined in the assault, butting and stamping on him.

The bovine battering only came to a halt when the policeman's dog fled the scene, distracting the cows and giving the wounded man chance to escape.

Suffering extensive personal injuries including broken ribs and a punctured lung, he managed to reach an adjacent field where he called for help and was discovered by another walker. An air ambulance was dispatched and the injured policeman was flown to Eastbourne District Hospital for treatment.

It was 11 days before he was released from hospital and it is currently unknown if he is planning to consult personal injury solicitors about making a no win no fee compensation claim against the owner of the cows.


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