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Rotting beaver keeps man alive

A car accident left a man trapped for four days and forced to eat the rotting remains of dead animals, Canadian news sources have revealed.

The bizarre incident unfolded in the countryside close to Calgary and occurred when the man went out in his car to collect animal traps. Driving off-road and with several dead animals in his vehicle, he set off for home but tragedy struck when his wheel hit a rock, sending the car crashing onto its roof.

Suffering serious leg injuries, he became trapped under his car and, despite struggling for several hours, was unable to free himself. Bravely accepting his situation and not wanting to make his personal injuries any worse, he decided he had no option but to wait patiently for a passer-by to stumble across the wreckage of the car crash.

But day turned to night and nobody came. As the darkness descended, he found himself surrounded by wild beasts and was forced to blow a whistle to keep away the coyotes that threatened to feast upon his injured body.

Predators weren't the only danger, however, and the extreme cold left him shivering uncontrollably. Fearing that the exposure was just as dangerous as the circling coyotes, he managed to reach a dead beaver that he'd taken from a trap before the car accident and covered himself with the carcass to sustain some body heat.

For four days and nights the Canadian was left trapped in the wreckage of the vehicle accident but still no help came. Starting to feel the effects of not eating, he decided he had no choice but to nibble on the rotting flesh of the dead animals that he'd been carrying in his car.

It was this that kept him alive and, by the time a passer-by did find him, he had eaten all the putird meat that was available and had actually started chewing on the dead beaver's bones.

This proved too much, however, and he later told journalists: "I tried to eat pieces [of the bones], but it made me sick and I threw up."

Friends of the man have paid tribute to his resolve and one described him as "tough as nails" after hearing how he survived the aftermath of the car accident.

He is now recovering from his personal injuries in hospital but doctors have warned that frostbite may mean he will have to have his right foot amputated.



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