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Firework personal injury risk highlighted

People planning to hold bonfire parties this year are being warned to make sure they are properly protected against the risks of being subjected to potentially expensive personal injury compensation claims.

Hundreds of people suffer injuries every year as the result of bonfire and firework accidents and the majority of these are hurt at private displays in people's gardens.

A spokeswoman from Accident Compensation People, the no win, no fee claim specialists, warned: "If you're planning on having a fireworks display of your own, it's worth making sure that you're covered in case a guest or neighbour gets injured."

"Fireworks might look fantastic but they carry with them a very real risk of injuring someone if proper precautions aren't taken."

A spokesman from Cornhill Direct also warned of the risks to property, commenting: "Insurers receive hundreds of claims every year for damage resulting from stray fireworks. Claims include broken windows, damaged roof tiles and fires to property such as fences."

In addition to the risks of personal injury compensation claims and damaged property, homeowners have also been warned to be aware of the increased chance of being subjected to a burglary. Insurance experts have revealed that bonfire night is a particular favourite for thieves as the sound of fireworks often disguises the sound of glass being broken.



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