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Amputated man to make claim for compensation

A 40-year-old man who had his leg amputated following a diving accident while on holiday in Northumberland has sworn to make an accident claim for compensation. He was diving near the Farne Islands when a propeller from the boat, Sovereign II, severed his leg.

The accident claim has already gone to a criminal court where three men from North Sunderland, who are the directors of the diving company the 40-year-old was diving with, all admitted failing to comply with the maritime code of practice.

The prosecution, speaking on behalf of the Maritime Coastguard Agency, said that a personal injury compensation claim for the 'tragic accident' would still probably be brought before a civil court.

The judge hearing the case commented, "The burden of proof in a criminal court is much higher than in a civil court, and anything I say should not hinder a civil claim. There is no getting away from it that this is a very great tragedy".

If the man chooses to do so, he may pursue his civil accident claim using the services of a no win, no fee solicitor.


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