The easy route to claiming compensation

The thought of claiming compensation if you have been hurt in an accident can be a daunting one. So much so that many people who are entitled to make a claim for compensation never actually do so because they think the process will take too long, will take up too much of their time and will cost them money.

Our easy route to compensation
We help thousands of people make successful claims each year following non-fault accidents and we have a claims process that makes it as easy as possible for everyone who wants to make an accident compensation claim, to do so.

Making a claim is as simple as picking up the phone or filling in our online form.

1. When you first contact us we will ask you some simple questions about your accident, to help us understand what has happened. We will also ask you who you believe was responsible for it. We'll tell you whether you have a good case and then discuss all your options with you.

2. If we think you have a good claim we will apppoint a personal injury solicitor to handle your case. Your solicitor will be an expert in your particular type of accident or injury claim.

3. You will receive confirmation of everything we discuss in writing.

4. From that point on our solicitors will work on your behalf, putting together all the evidence needed to support your claim. This may include getting statements from witnesses who saw the accident, accident records from the police or your employer, photographs of the accident scene and anything else that is relevant to your personal injury claim.

5. All we ask of you is that you keep a daily record of how you are affected by your injuries and any medication or treatment you are receiving. You will then be asked to see an independent, Court approved medical expert, (around 3/4 months after your accident) who will ask you questions about your injury and then write a report which will be important evidence to support your claim. This appointment will be at a hospital or surgery near to where you live.

6. Your solicitor will discuss with you all the types of compensation you are entitled to claim for. This may include compensation for:

Pain and suffering

Costs and expenses, such as phone bills, prescription costs, treatment

Other financial losses, such as loss of income, damage to personal items

Compensation for how the accident has affected your life

Compensation for future suffering and costs

You may also be entitled to interest on your compensation

7. Your solicitor will then put a total figure on the amount of compensation to be claimed and then present your claim to the insurance company of the person who was responsible for your accident.

At this stage there will probably be lengthy negotiation between both sides' solicitors, until a final agreement is reached and you receive your cheque for compensation. The majority of personal injury compensation claims in the UK settle without the need to go to Court. But if agreement can't be reached your solicitor may feel it is benefical for your case to go to Court, to ensure you receive the best possible compensation award.

The risk-free route to compensation
Not only is our claim process easy and requires very little effort on your behalf, our legal advice and service is totally risk-free.

We operate a no win, no fee service for all our clients. This means that, in the event that your claim is not successful, you won’t have to pay out a penny. There are no upfront costs to pay and your solicitor will be completely transparent with you about any costs you might encounter. Our goal is to make sure you don’t have to worry about financial stresses when making a claim and can simply concentrate on getting better.

More information about our no win no fee service.

Find out now if you can claim
Call and speak to one of our friendly claims advisors about your accident. We offer friendly and impartial legal advice, 24 hours a day, to people who want to know more about making a compensation claim.

Call us now and we'll do all we can to help you, 0800 781 7789.



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