Pleural thickening – industrial illness information and advice

One form of disease caused by asbestos exposure is pleural thickening - a non-malignant disease in which the lining of the lung (pleura) becomes scarred. Pleural thickening is normally caused by heavy asbestos-exposure.

Individuals with pleural thickening will often complain of shortness of breath or chest pain, although in some cases, the clinical signs may be minimal. This means that the pleural thickening in mesothelioma sufferers is usually quite advanced by the time it is found.

To diagnose pleural thickening in mesothelioma cases, the examining doctor will take chest X-rays. Often, the discovery of pleural thickening is by chance.

Physicians may treat pleural thickening through a process called pleurectomy. A pleurectomy removes the thick fibrous ‘peel’ characteristic of pleural thickening, allowing the lungs to enlarge. It is vital that anyone who is suffering from pleural thickening seeks treatment as soon as possible. Without treatment the condition can potentially lead to respiratory and cardiac failure.

Choosing the right personal injury solicitor
Dealing with asbestos related illness claims requires the skills and expertise of an experienced personal injury solicitor who understands the issues surrounding this subject:

  • Treatment
    As well as organising the maximum compensation award for you, we will arrange treatment and support for you through our links with the country’s best medical services
  • Asbestos legal issues
    An advanced understanding of issues relating to asbestos claims such as regulations and company responsibility
  • Medical experts
    Access to the UK’s leading medical experts who will play a key role in providing expert medical opinion to support your pleural thickening claim
  • Witness resources
    An established network to enable us to trace witnesses even from as long ago as 20 years +
  • Empathy
    We appreciate the impact that contracting an asbestos related illness has and at all times your claim will be dealt with in a professional and compassionate manner

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