Long hours making you feel ill?

Long hours expose workers to the risk of illness or injury according to a new study. People in the UK routinely work long hours to get the job done and in the process are running the risk of illness. Many employers expect their staff to work extra hours to complete tasks. Often workers have too much work and feel that they have no choice but to stay at work long after their colleagues have gone home or to the pub. This type of behaviour is a risky business. According to the study by the University of Massachusetts, people who regularly do overtime are 61% more likely to get hurt or become ill.

In the UK more than 14% of workers work more than 48 hours per week and are therefore more likely to suffer from fatigue and stress leading to more serious injury and illness. The types of injury that people working for more than 12 hours a day can expect are musculoskeletal disorders and cuts, burns and bruises. These types of injury may lead some to believe that the occupation itself is the major risk factor but the study has also shown that illness doesn’t just affect people who do hazardous jobs. Someone who has a desk job runs the same risk as someone who is out and about all day.

So, where does that leave people who have been injured because they are working too many hours? If an employer has encouraged their staff to work overtime or given employees an excessive workload which means that they have to work late in order to complete their responsibilities, then the employer is neglecting their duty. All employers have a responsibility to ensure that staff are not at risk of injury. If they fail to do this they put themselves in jeopardy. People injured at work due to employer negligence are well within their rights to seek personal injury compensation.

According to Rebecca Pearson from Accident Compensation People:

“If you are routinely made to work overtime and have hurt yourself because of the fatigue this has caused, then your employer is at fault. People these days realise that they have rights. One of those rights is to accident compensation if things go wrong.”

So, if you’re still at your desk long past 6pm every night and fatigue has caused an injury then you have the option to make a personal injury claim. A reputable personal injury solicitor will advise you on your next step.


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