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Asbestos gone missing

Asbestos claim - tonnes of asbestos gone missing

Hundreds of tonnes of potentially deadly asbestos have gone missing in West Yorkshire, causing anxiety of health implications and future asbestos claims.

The cancer-causing material has been found dumped on a Halifax street but much more remains unaccounted for following a lengthy investigation by Environment Agency officers in Leeds.

A Bradford-based demolition firm, accused of charging inflated prices to supposedly cover the increased costs of disposing of asbestos at a specially licensed dump site, is facing legal action.

Mr Glasby added: "The Environment Agency is on the case of these people. Working with local authorities and the police, we will continue to do what we can to stop these people using Britain as a dumping ground." His team spent weeks sifting through some of the fly-tipped waste for clues about the origin of the asbestos. That led them to trace the alleged culprits before carrying out a series of raids and making a number of arrests.

Mr Glasby said: "A lot of the material was bonded, corrugated asbestos which, if broken up into small pieces, can release harmful fibres."

It costs more than £100 to legally dump each tonne of asbestos. The law says that the agency should be provided with details by the waste operators so it can track the waste from the demolition site to the dump.

But Mr Glasby admitted that the agency had yet to find documentation for hundreds of tonnes of asbestos during their investigation.

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