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Asbestos claim - exposure to asbestos caused cancer

A former British Rail employee died of cancer caused by asbestos, an inquest has heard. Derby Coroner's Court was told that the 66 year old died of the asbestos cancer mesothelioma.

Dr Rahul Deb, a consultant pathologist at Derbyshire Royal Infirmary, carried out the post-mortem examination. He told the court that there was evidence of asbestos. Deputy coroner Dr Turlough Farnan stated that he worked for British Rail between 1954 and 1964 before working for various other firms. The statement said that he was of the firm conviction that he was exposed to asbestos while working for British Rail. Dr Farnan recorded a verdict of death from the industrial disease malignant mesothelioma.

In a second case, this week a widow who emigrated to Australia more than 40 years ago won substantial damages from British Rail following the death of her husband from exposure to asbestos. The lady, who emigrated with her husband, brought the claim against British Rail after he died from mesothelioma in 2002. She has received £157,000 in an out-of-court settlement. Her husband worked as a coach finisher for British Rail as its Swindon works from 1954 until he emigrated in 1963 the only period he was exposed to asbestos in his working life. The deadly condition is now so common in railworkers it is sometimes referred to as 'Swindon Disease', after the Wiltshire rail town. Swindon has an asbestos memorial garden to commemorate victims.

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