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Hospitals rethink their links with personal injury firms

An investigation by The Guardian's Jobs & Money into Britain's compensation culture has revealed some unethical business practices amongst some UK hospitals.

The investigation has caused Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford to review the way into its policy of sending letters to car crash victims pressing them to pursue compensation claims. The letters which the trust routinely sent 48 hours after car crash victims were treated in its A & E department have been stopped until the review is concluded.

Also, West Middlesex Hospital in London is to review publishing adverts on patient literature and appointment cards for a 'no win, no fee' law firm. The hospital trust admitted the private firm which provides much of its patient literature sold advertising space to local businesses including a firm of personal injury lawyers.

Hospital trusts are free to sign deals with personal injury firms to raise cash. Few have direct relationships with the firms or accept payments, but many, like Surrey County, recommend claims handling services to speed up the Costs Recovery Scheme, which allocates funds to hospitals following successful personal injury claims.

BOE supplies patient literature to many of the country's biggest hospitals free of charge. Car crash victims in hospitals that use BOE will receive a pack offering the latest clinical advice on how to cope with their injury. Each hospital receives a custom made service depending on local demands of hospital managers and consultants, though the company said 90% of the information is common to all hospitals. In exchange it sells advertising space on the leaflets and appointment cards it provides.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Health says trusts are able to set their own ethical policy beyond the control of any centralised Whitehall bureaucracy, but concedes ministers are wary of hospitals seeming to encourage compensation claims for personal injury. She says: "Although there is no specific Department of Health guidance for NHS Trusts selling advertising space to personal injury firms or on writing to road traffic accident victims about the NHS Costs Recovery Scheme, we would expect them to consider the implications very carefully before embarking on something which might be perceived (rightly or wrongly) as encouraging a road traffic accident victim to make a claim against the person who caused the accident in order that the costs of their treatment can be recovered."

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