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Woman suffers neck injury after gunman tries to shoot boy’s backside

An ex-soldier has appeared in court after inflicting a neck injury on a woman whilst trying to shoot a boy in the backside with an air rifle.

Edinburgh's High Court heard that Walter Dalgleish, 22, used his rifle mounted with a telescopic sight after boasting to his girlfriend that he was going to shoot the boy for a joke. But the former Scots Guards trooper didn't count on his marksmanship being so bad and actually shot a passing woman in the neck.

Initially unaware of what he had done, Dalgleish became distressed and ran away when three local boys came to his house and told him what had happened. He was later arrested over 100 miles away in Darlington.

The gunshot victim, 20-year-old Lisa Mannarn, was rushed to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary where doctors treated her neck injury and removed the pellet. It is not yet known if she is planning to make a personal injury claim against the gunman.

Walter Dalgleish pleaded guilty to assault and committing a firearms offence and Lord McEwan, presiding over the case, is awaiting background reports before sentencing.


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