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Waste industry given work accident warning

Health and safety bosses have issued a warning to waste and recycling businesses after work accidents have resulted in numerous deaths in the past months.

Nine people have died in the last eight weeks as a result of incidents involving various sectors of the industry, including four members of the public. One was found dead inside a waste paper compactor, another died after a scrapyard crane collapsed on top of him, and two more people, including an 86-year-old woman, were killed when they were hit by bin lorries.

The other five to suffer fatal personal injuries from work accidents were two binmen, a fork lift driver, a waste picker and a bulldozer driver, and safety chiefs have said enough is enough. Paul Harvey from the Health and Safety Executive warned, "The tragedy of these incidents must act as a stimulus for the industry to review its procedures, making sure that vehicle risks are properly controlled."

Mr Harvey also commented on how the waste and recycling industry has a work accident rate nearly five times the national average, with approximately 2,500 incidents per 100,000 workers reported every year. He pointed out that as well as the obvious tragic cost in lives, the industry is also likely to lose hundreds of thousands of pounds in personal injury compensation.


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