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Swimmer freed from deck chair escapes personal injury

A Croatian man had to be freed from a deck chair after getting his private parts caught between the wooden slats.

Mario Visnjic was lucky to escape without a nasty personal injury when he had to be cut out of the deck chair on a relaxing day out.

He had been spending the day at Valalta beach in western Croatia when he decided to go for a swim in the sea without his clothes on.

The cool water had shrunk Mario's testicles so that when he sat back down, they fell through the wooden slats of the chair.

As the temperatures started to rise and Mario laid back in the sunshine, his private parts began to expand.

Stuck to the chair and unable to move, Mario used his mobile to call beach maintenance services who sent somebody to cut him from the chair.

Mario was finally freed and was said to be thankful not to have suffered any serious personal injuries in the incident.


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