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Surfing accident victim makes compensation claim

A young man who was left confined to a wheelchair for life after hitting stormwater pipes while bodysurfing off a Sydney beach has been awarded $1.75million (731,500) following a successful compensation claim.

Glenn Bennett suffered a paralysing spinal cord injury as a result of the accident at Manly Beach. He had been surfing outside the designated safe area of water and hit his head on underwater pipes, breaking his neck in four places.

At the time of the incident, Bennett was the world junior triathlon champion and was destined for great sporting achievements. He was lucky to survive the accident and was pulled to shore by other surfers.

Now aged 26, Bennett made the personal injury claim against Sydney Water and Manly Council, claiming they had failed in their duty to properly indicate the location of the pipes.

He had originally sued for a compensation claim of over three million Australian dollars, but the New South Wales Supreme Court reduced the figure because Bennett had been surfing outside the area that was flagged as safe.

Speaking after the court case, Mr Bennett told reporters, "Being in a wheelchair has been extremely difficult and will be for the rest of my life."

"The court case has been quite stressful. I've won the case but no matter how much money I get, I'll still be in a wheelchair. It's a victory of sorts."


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