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Serial car accident man buys a bike

A postie who has been involved in a massive 33 car accidents in just 23 years has decided to call it a day and has finally learnt how to ride a bicycle.

Franjo Pozgaj, a 39-year-old from Croatia, was involved in his first road traffic accident at the tender age of 16, and has wrecked at least one car every year since.

But the postman from Pokupska Luka, a sleepy town in central Croatia, has finally decided to hang up his car keys. Putting aside some money each week from his wage packet, Mr Pozgaj eventually saved up enough to invest in a shiny new pushbike, which he hopes will get him to work and back safely.

The postie explained, “The first car I crashed was my father’s Audi when I was 16 and I once totally wrote off a new Renault just 20 minutes after I bought it. I just seem to have bad luck with cars.”

Amazingly, Franjo has never received a serious personal injury in any of the car accidents, although he has suffered more than a few bruises.

His family are said to be delighted at his decision to turn his back on cars, and it is believed they are to buy him a cycle helmet just in case his riding turns out to be as bad as his driving.


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