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Road traffic accident kills immigrants

Six people have died and three have been seriously injured in a road traffic accident in Lincolnshire.

The incident, described by one police officer as the worst he'd ever seen, occurred when a minibus full of immigrants tried to overtake an oil tanker and a lorry but was hit head-on by another HGV.

Over forty firefighters attempted to cut through the wreckage to reach survivors, and paramedics rushed to the scene of the vehicle accident on the A52. Six people were pronounced dead at the scene and three others were taken to hospital with personal injuries ranging from whiplash to broken legs.

The dead have not been named but it is believed that one is the driver of the HGV, while the others are thought to be migrant workers travelling in the minibus and heading to work in Mansfield. The area has a high number of people who have travelled from Eastern Europe to seek casual work on Lincolnshire's farms, and as a result, identification of the deceased is likely to be a lengthy process.

Describing the scene of the road traffic accident, Chief Superintendent Dave Wheeler of Lincolnshire Police said, "It's a scene of carnage. We know there are six confirmed dead. We are trying to establish identity."


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