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Police officer makes personal injury compensation claim

A police doctor who hired a private investigator after an officer made a claim for personal injury compensation has appeared before the General Medical Council.

PC Robert Miller, 35, of West Midlands Police was involved in a car crash and wanted personal injury compensation and early retirement because of the serious personal injuries he sustained.

However, the force's consultant psychiatrist, Nicholas Cooling, 50, diagnosed PC Miller as being only 35 percent disabled.

With this medical evidence, PC Miller would not be eligible for early retirement and would receive a reduced level of compensation.

The GMC heard how the doctor passed on PC Miller's name and address to a private detective after the officer complained about the doctor's medical decision and lodged an appeal against the reduced personal injury compensation.

Dr Cooling admitted passing on the officer's details in the possible belief that video evidence would prove PC Miller didn't need personal injury compensation for any serious personal injuries that could have been sustained in the road accident.

If proven that Dr Cooling's alleged misconduct impaired his fitness to practice, he could face being possibly struck off the medical registrar.


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