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Work accidents may increase due to hot weather

Unions have given warnings to employers that they could face a spate of work accidents in the hot weather.

The high temperatures the UK has been experiencing in recent weeks have caused much discomfort to workers across the country, especially those who do not have air conditioned offices.

Although there is no maximum temperature that must not be exceeded in the workplace, under the 1992 Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations, employers must keep the temperature reasonable.

Work accidents are thought to be more common in hot weather and workers may be able to claim personal injury compensation if they feel unwell or pass out through the heat.

The TUC is active in preventing work accidents that happen due to the hot weather, with its General Secretary Brendan Barber saying:

"Whilst most sensible employers will be doing their utmost to keep their staff cool in the oppressive heat, there will always be some too mean to do anything to bring their office or shop temperatures down."

"Bosses who fail to adopt the 'cool work' approach risk damaging their firms' productivity as their employees wilt in the heat. They also increase their chances of ending up in court because someone has fallen ill or had an accident because it got too hot."


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