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Head injury delays killer driver’s jail sentence

A judge has delayed sentencing a youngster who caused a deadly road accident after it was revealed he was not in a fit state to go to prison.

19-year-old Amarjit Singh received a massive head injury in the accident but his back seat passenger, William Campbell, was killed instantly.

Such were Singh’s personal injuries that part of the right side of his head is visibly caved in, and he is now awaiting surgery to have the missing part of his skull replaced with a titanium plate. His counsel claimed that even a slight blow to head could be “catastrophic” for the youngster, and as he would be going to prison as an Asian that had killed a white man, jail would be highly unsuitable at the present time.

Singh, of Stepps, near Glasgow, pleaded guilty at Edinburgh’s High Court to causing death by dangerous driving after the car crash in Lanarkshire. He was giving 24-year-old William Campbell a lift after meeting the stranger at a petrol station and being offered 10 pounds to take him home.

The court heard how alcohol had played no part in the road smash, and Singh was a first offender with no history of bad driving.

Defending, Gordon Jackson QC, said, “He has the best character references I have ever presented to a court.”

The judge decided to withhold sentencing Singh until expert reports on his head injury could be compiled.


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