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Live in Oldham? Drive a Triumph? We’re not worthy!

Drivers of Triumphs who live in Oldham have something to shout about today. A recent survey has shown that they are the most intelligent drivers in the UK.

But Bentley and Aston Martin drivers who reside in Rochdale should put on a dunce’s hat and stand in the corner – they are the least intelligent.

The eBay motoring intelligence test assessed 6,000 drivers in 100 different towns on their answers to questions about motoring facts including road signs, stopping distances and speed limits.

The cleverest of all came from Oldham – swiftly followed by Scarborough, Dover, Stroud and Solihull. Oldham scored an average of 29 points in the test (national average was 21). Poor old Rochdale came bottom of the league with just 19 points.

It also emerged that drivers of Triumphs scored highest of all, while Bentley and Aston Martin drivers were joint bottom.

Amusingly (and unsurprisingly) Formula One racing driver David Coulthard took the test and scored a whopping 34 – placing him in the motoring genius category, according to eBay.

On a more serious note, the survey did throw up the worrying statistic that half of all drivers did not know basic and standard road rules, such as speed limits and stopping distances. One sixth could not identify basic road signs and 5% did not have a clue of the motorway speed limit.

“Driver ignorance accounts for a large number of road accidents” says Sophie Evans of the Accident Compensation People. “We represent many people who are making compensation claims for accidents that were not their fault, and we find it very worrying that the results of this survey suggest there are many motorists out there who seem to lack even basic driving knowledge.”

It’s been estimated that over 80% of driving accidents could have been avoided if basic rules about speed and distance from other cars had been observed. “We wouldn’t hesitate to advise anyone that’s been hurt in a car accident that was the fault of someone else’s poor driving to consider making a car accident compensation claim,” says Sophie. “Everyday we see the devastating impact bad driving standards can have on people’s lives.”


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