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Mesothelioma sufferers await compensation ruling

The Government is planning to introduce a fresh law making it easier for victims of mesothelioma to make compensation claims, according to a report by BBC Wales.

The House of Lords ruled that a sufferer of the asbestos-related cancer could not pursue full compensation from a former employer, blaming them for the onset of the disease, if they also worked for other firms that exposed them to asbestos. Instead, the Law Lords declared that an individual could only claim compensation in proportion to the length of time that they were subjected to asbestos exposure at each company.

The judgement was met with outrage by sufferers of the debilitating disease, and Tony Blair recently told listeners at the annual GMB conference that he was hoping to reverse the decision in the next few weeks.

If BBC Wales reports that the Government are planning to unveil a new bill on Monday are to be believed, it would seem that Mr Blair has put his words into action, and mesothelioma sufferers across the country could soon be able to claim the full compensation that is rightly theirs.


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